Anti-Viral Fogging

We follow the CDC recommendation for proper sanitization and only use products EPA approved and listed for the corona virus. This list can be found on epa,gov So we insure a proper Deep Clean.

Area businesses are considering what they’ll need to reopen their locations safely. Masks, strict hand-washing protocols, and social-distancing are all givens. Some businesses are already doing employee temperature checks and screenings before allowing them to work.


Another tool that can be beneficial for businesses is Disinfecting their businesses with Deep Cleaning and Anti-Viral fogging. By incorporating these treatments into your plans.

You can reduce chances of viral spread to employees and customers. Reducing employee sick days and help to keep your business safe. Some of the benefits from anti-viral fogging are:

Help Kill and Reduce:






Cleaning Service can be scheduled nightly, weekly, or monthly. Depending on the amount of people passing through your business. It definitely should be used reactively when there is a positive testing or confirmed case at a location. This should also be performed between tenants in rental properties and vacation home

More about fogging and how it works

ULV fogging equipment is used by cleaning and janitorial services predominately for the application of disinfectants, biocides, and fungicides. Our ULV fogging machines generate a fog or mist formed of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets between 5-50 microns (μm) in diameter. Studies have shown that droplets of this size are ideal to tackle pathogens, and vector carriers and is the ideal solution for fighting airborne pathogens such as bacteria or viruses as well as disinfecting large areas efficiently.

Studies have shown that dispersing disinfectants or biocides by way of fogging is more effective at killing pathogens such as bacteria or viruses when compared to manual cleaning services alone.

Applying chemical disinfectants as fogs reduces the number of airborne microorganisms and also applies disinfectant to surfaces in large areas. The fogging machine supersaturates the localized atmosphere with a disinfecting fog which kills harmful pathogens.

Our sanitization products

The products we use in our fogging machine is a powerful sterilizing agent which is CDC approved and EPA listed for sanitization of the Corona Virus and formulated to kill bacteria and viruses fast.


Our products are food surface safe, and the area is safe for re-entry after about a hour.

This is to allow the droplets to settle out of the air and onto the surfaces.

It is argued that chemical fogging is the most efficient and effective method for decontaminating whole rooms and large area's because it enables difficult to reach places to be thoroughly disinfected.

Fogging is an effective way to completely disinfect your home or business.

The process is quick and causes minimal disruption when scheduled at off peak hours

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Let us help you to improve your living or working area and create a safer environment for you and those around you.

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